PRP Treatment

PRP is a completely natural treatment done with patients own blood, from which plasma separated and platelets are concentrated to release growth factors, which can be used to

  • Stimulate hair growth, prevents hair fall, improving hair thickness, volume, shine and decreasing hair splitting and breakage.Has to be repeated every 4 to 6 wks initially followed by maintenance sessions.
  • Restore natural beauty of the skin by starting the natural rejuvenation process of the skin and aiming to make the skin youthful and maintains it. Done once in 4-6 months for one year and yearly as maintenance therapy.
  • Can also be used for treating acne scars, ulcers and can be combined with laser treatments. Can be prepared either manually or by automated devices in a day care setting just prior to the procedure.

Injectable Treatment

Next Generation PRP ( platelet rich fibrin treatment [PRF]) Completely natural and autologous treatment for improving scars and skin texture .can be combined with lasers or dermapen treatments

Needle free / Injection free PRP

Offering the most advanced contact-less PRP (Injection free / Needle free / Painless) for hair and face with no downtime. Using most advanced Jet care (Jet Peel).

Lisa skin clinic, Calicut, PRP Treatment

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