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MeDioStar NeXT is the finest high power diode laser from Asclepion laser technologies - Germany.
INDICATIONS: Permanent hair reduction, Skin rejuvenation.

Permanent Hair reduction (Laser hair reduction) is a safe, effective and systematic technique that deactivates growing hair follicles with minimal stress on the skin . Here we use the latest techniques to safely speed you towards your aesthetic goals.

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Advantages of laser hair reduction

  • Laser can target large areas, and is more selective in destroying the hair in the hair follicle, hence considered more efficient compared to electrolysis, where a needle is inserted into each hair follicle which is very time consuming.
  • There is no scarring & side effects are uncommon as the parameters are set based on your skin type & hair colour .
  • Permanent hair reduction is achieved in 6-8 treatments , each 4 -6 weeks apart. Laser hair reduction makes your skin smoother & fairer.

Laser pigment reduction

Laser pigment reduction using Q switched Nd yag laser – to treat freckles, lentigenes, agespots, tattooes,and birth marks .Here the laser specifically targets the melanin or tattoo pigment to remove the unwanted pigmentation making your skin fairer and radiant.Carbon Peel(Laser Carbon Peel)and Laser Toning are effective for skin pigmant reduction.

IPL (Intense pulsed light)

IPL gives good response in acne rosacea, post acne pigmentation, reddish scars and at the same time reduces excess oilness of skin. Its a safe treatment with no downtime.


  • Acne,Post acne pigmentations and redness
  • Photo rejuvenation and skin lightening
  • Textural and skin tone improvement with reductions of oiliness of skin
  • Hair removal
  • Treatment of facial redness


The CO2 laser is the most versatile laser used in the treatment of cutaneous lesions.
The microcell premium fractional CO2 laser used in our clinic has different modes like fractional, surgical, gynec and erbium glass mode.
It can be used to treat

  • Scars ( acne scars, surgical scars)
  • Keloid
  • Striae
  • Coarse pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Photoaging
  • Skin laxity
  • Freckles
  • Warts

The fractional CO2 laser works by poking microscopic holes into the deep layers of the skin which regenerates collagen growth and evens out pitted acne scars. The fractional CO2 laser treats only a fraction of the skin’s surface at a time, while leaving the adjacent skin untouched.
The erbium glass mode is used for skin resurfacing or laser peel. The gynec mode is used for

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Vulval skin rejuvenation
  • To decrease vaginal dryness.

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