Hair Disorders

Hair is an appendage of the skin. Hair disorders are mostly a reflection of internal health. Our aim is to dispel the myths and misconceptions about hair and its disorders and to increase the awareness towards scientific approaches to the correct diagnosis and and management of hair disorders by competent dermatologists. For disorders presenting with unwanted and excessive hair on face & body we provide the following treatments

Lisa skin clinic, Calicut,Hair Disorders
  • Complete medical evaluation to identify any underlying cause and provide adequate medical treatment. Along with that the following procedures are employed for the removal of unwanted hair.
  • Permanent Hair reduction ( Laser hair reduction) Laser hair reduction is an efficient, safe and effective technique that deactivates growing hair follicles with minimal stress on the skin . Here we use the latest techniques to safely speed you towards your aesthetic goals.

Advantages of laser hair reduction

Laser can target large areas, and is more selective in destroying the hair in the hair follicle, hence considered more efficient compared to electrolysis, where a needle is inserted into each hair follicle which is very time consuming. There is no scarring & side effects are uncommon as the parameters are set based on your skin type & hair colour . . Permanent hair reduction is achieved in 6-8 treatments , each 4 -6 weeks apart.laser hair reduction makes your skin smoother & fairer.

Technology used

We use the finest high power diode laser – Mediostar next from Asclepion Laser Tech – Germany.It has highest power for faster treatment, so even large areas can be treated within minutes with least patient discomfort. It has highest efficacy & most selective application through new light delivery system. . Due to its integrated high power skin looking, side effects and pain are minimal . . In addition it can be used for skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, and acne.


Hair roots are destroyed by elecrtic current by inserting a needle into each hair follicle. Mainly used for the treatment of few isolated hairs, grey hairs etc.

Management of hair loss

In this era hair loss is an important reason for concern for men and women, and the number of patients who present with hair loss is on the rise due to several factors. Common conditions include androgenetic alopecia (baldness) , diffuse hair loss in females etc. For identifying the cause of loss, different methods are employed :Trichoscopy, trichogram, scalp biopsy etc Treatment of hair loss – medical treatment , mesotherapy , hair growth laser treatment etc.