Lip Rejuvenation

Lips remain a prominent part of the face ,distinguishing youth from maturity ,and male from female .At the same time ,lips are one of the most sensitive tissues in the body because they lack protective cells, sweat glands and sebaceous glands. This makes them extremely susceptible to dehydration, pigmentation ,and prone to fissures and cracks ,In addition ,Just like every other part of your body, lips age too. Rather than by age, this is mainly caused by environmental factors and bad habits such as sun exposure, low water intake, extreme temperatures and smoking. The latter causes blemishes which makes the lips look aged. Features of photo aging include dryness, wrinkles, loss of luminosity,loss of volume, dyschromia etc.

Lisa skin clinic, Calicut, Signature LIP Rejuvenation

Understanding the special characteristic of lips , we have designed a special rejuvenation programme for lip , which includes a combination of cosmeceuticals , specific lip peels, laser treatment, dermal fillers and lip colouring. Treatment protocols will be individualised based on the specific concerns of each client, starting with a proper aesthetic evaluation of the entire face , eliminating any probable causes for lip damage, followed by treatment modalities.

Lip peels

Ferulac dubai lips peel : It’s one of the most advanced and well tolerated nanopeel available for lip rejuvenation .it had a combination of ingredients like lactic acid, ferulac acid , pyruvic acid , dicetyl boldine , ethyl ascorbic acid , which helps to gently exfoliate and lighten the lips.

  • Tolerance - relatively low concentration of acids , so tolerance is high.
  • Effectiveness- synergistic action of ingredients. So better effects.
  • Safety. Due to gel texture there is gradual penetration
  • Convenience and comfort
  • 5 to 6 sessions at 2 weeks intervals are required for optimum results.
  • Results can be augmented by combining with Ferulac dubai lips cream.

Q switched Nd YAG laser

Helps to remove melanin pigment from deeper layers of lips . Gives faster improvement when combined with Lip peels.

Dermal fillers

Lip rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid fillers helps in immediate correction of lip volume and shape , making one look more youthful and attractive . Single treatment / session can last upto 1 yr. .

Cherip lip colouring with microneedling

Safe and painless treatment which helps to rejuvenate and colour (multiple shades) the lips at the same time. Five different shades are available to choose from. 4 to 5 sessions are required initially, depending on the condition of the lips.

Aesthetic Consultation and combined modalities for better visible results.

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