BOOST SKIN QUALITY with Signature treatment modalities

Lisa skin clinic, Calicut, Skin Quality Boosting

Our expertise offerings are designed for skin quality boosting of Face, Lips, Neck, Hands and Foot. Improves dark and dry lips, saggy neck, dry rough hands, feet, pigmented neck with no downtime procedures for smooth radiant skin. Skin quality injectables and procedures, to deliver antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid etc.Experience improved skin texture, dryness, tone, and radiance. The quality of our skin is affected by various extrinsic and intrinsic factors .In addition physiological factors like ageing , genetics , also contribute to specific skin concerns like wrinkles, loss of elasticity, roughness etc. When you have radiant skin, you feel happy and look energised .

The quality of skin is determined by 3 main factors
Texture - skin that is hydrated and lacking in fine lines
Elasticity - skin that is firm and supple
Colour . Skin that is not pigmented or red
Skin quality injectable is a minimally invasive injectable treatment which delivers hyaluronic acid ( H. A) directly into the skin to improve its texture , hydration and elasticity . H. A is a naturally occurring substance in the skin , the levels of which reduces as u age. When H . A is delivered into the skin it combines with water in your skin to hydrate, improve elasticity and help remove fine lines . In addition it may improve collagen production , leading to an improvement in overall quality of the skin. One treatment can lead to improvement lasting for 6 to 9 months .

Lip rejuvenation using skin quality injectables
Dry , chapped and pigmented lips are a common complaint nowadays . Only remedy available is repeated application of hydrating lip balms which lasts only for a very short while . Lip rejuvenation using lip quality injectables give long lasting hydration , and improvement in lip colour , without changing the shape or size of lips. We follow a holistic approach which is individualized , in which other lip rejuvenation procedures like lip peels and laser are combined with this procedure to give you long lasting results.

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