Mesopeels or chemical peels are fruit acids that can be used for different indications like acne, pigmentation,skin whitening, anti ageing, instant glow etc. All peels are not the same.The success or result of peels depends on several factors,most important being the combinations and concentrations of peel medications used. we use advanced combination peels, that are tailor made depending on the clinical indications. So different peels can be combined in one sitting ( sequential peels ). For eg. if a patient has acne, pigmentation and dark circles, all three can be addressed in one sitting itself. similarly different areas of the face can be treated with different peels ( segmental peels ).

The advantages are faster and better results,lesser no of sessions compared to conventional peels, reduced total treatment cost and better safety as lesser concentrations of medications are used in combination peels. In addition, peels can be combined with other treatment modalities like microdermabration, dewy glow serum infusions, laser toning, or dermapen treatments in the same sitting, and these combinations depend on the patients skin type and clinical indications.

Signature aesthetic treatments

We provide customized aesthetic treatments with the aim to provide every single patient their ideal treatment outcome.Each patient will have an individualized treatment plan, using different combinations ,which will maximize the results at the same time reducing the total treatment duration and expense.

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