Lisa skin clinic, Calicut, Bio Remodelling

Injectable bio-remodelling ( anti-ageing ) treatments are suitable for those who want to improve skin quality, firmness and elasticity. Bio remodeling of skin is a minimally invasive procedure using ultra pure hyaluronic acid (non-cross-linked) introduced into the skin at the bio aesthetic points (BAP technique) . The hyaluronic acid (HA) used is thermally stabilised natural HA, which ranks world wide as top high quality in terms of purity and safety . It leads to multilevel dynamic remodeling by promoting and maintaining the viability of the skin and fat cells . Helps in improvement of skin laxity for face , neck , hands and body. In treatment of acne scars helps in the dermal tissue repair process Deeply hydrates , and improves skin elasticity and texture Provides glow to the skin from within Tightens and firms the skin , addressing skin sagginess

Protocol : 2 sessions at an interval of one month . Maintenance sessions depending on the aging signs , usually at 6 to 8 months .

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