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Female face sculpting

Facial sculpting ( providing definition and lifting to enhance the facial features) can be done nonsurgically with no dowtime using a combination of dermal fillers, botox and threads. well defined cheek bones with a sharp jaw line ,proportionate chin ( V shaped face ) and full lips is considered attractive in a female.

Male face sculpting

Chiseled jawline , with projected chin and defined cheeks is considered attractive in a male which can be achieved without any downtime using dermal fillers.

Hand rejuvenation

Beauty of hands can be affected by various factors like excessive sunexposure, dry skin, wrinkles and volume loss due to aging . Just like the skin of face , hands also need constant care, like regular use of sunscreen, moisturisers, and specific creams to address pigmentation and textural changes. To rejuvenate the hands we provide a range of treatments depending on the extend of damage

  • Mesopeels -helps to correct pigmentary changes and improve skin texture
  • PRF ( platelet rich fibrin injection). With its cocktail of growth factors helps to improve the skin quality , colour and texture.
  • Dermapen 4 treatment with the addition of cosmeceuticals specific for hand rejuvenation
  • Skin booster injections - these are composed of hyaluronic acid which helps to improve hydration and texture of skin
  • Dermal filler injections- helps in volume correction and hydration
  • Cosmeceuticals- Different cosmeceuticals containing exfoliating agents, Vitamin C polyhydoxy acids, moisturisers specific for hands will help to maintain the beauty of your hands and enhance the efficacy of the different treatments.
Treatment of body pigmentation

Dark underarms , thighs, arms ,legs and body folds are a concern to many . also residual pigmentation after fungal infections and skin allergies can be resistant to treatment. we provide combination treatments using specific mesopeels (for body pigmentation )/ lasers and cosmeceuticals. Multiple sessions are usually required depending on the severity and extend of pigmentaion.

Treatment of saggy skin

Skin can become saggy due to ageing or due to sudden weight loss. we provide the best in class treatment to correct sagging using combined modalities like lasers , MNRF treatment ( Scarlet S) , Thread lifts, Dermal fillers, botox to relax the muscles which worsens the sagging.

Double chin reduction

double chin can occur in young and elderly due to varying causes. in young its mostly due to mandibular hypoplasia, or due to excessive fat, where as in elderly in addition to these factors saggy skin may play a role. so treatment is highly individualised , using different modalities like

  • Dermal fillers ( helps to correct mandibular hypoplasia and provides shape to chin)
  • Injection lipolysis- helps to remove excessive fat under the chin
  • MNRF - helps to tighten saggy skin and also in fat reduction
  • Threads- a combination of cog threads and dermal threads helps in reducing sagging and fat reduction
Skin brightening / whitening treatments

We provide a range of treatments to brighten the skin and improve the glow. done using combined modalities, starting with a proper evaluation to find out any underlying causes for dull pigmented skin. Mesopeels , partypeels , serum infusions, laser toning , dermapen 4 treatments, platelet rich fibrin (PRF) treatments, nutritional therapy ( oral and IV ), vampire facials, carbon peels ( hollywood facial ), BB glow mesotherapy, DEWY GLOW are some of the modalities used. Treatment is individualised depending on the skin type, extend of pigmentation and associated conditions

Neck rejuvenation

Can be done with combined modalities to treat pigmentation, textural changes, sagging ,excess fat and neck lines


we use specific mesopeels to treat neck pigmentation and textural changes

PRF/ with microneedling or MNRF

Helps to improve sagging .excess neck fat ,and at the same time providing improvement in fine lines and wrinkles


Dermal threads / cog threads for textural improvement , improve neck lines and sagging.

Dermal fillers

Helps to improve neck lines and also in hydration


With specific cosmeceuticals to improve pigmentation, textural changes, with anti-aging benefits

Nose shaping

Can be done non surgically using special cog threads to provide immediate and long lasting results.

Correction of gummy smile

Can be done non surgically combining botox and dermal fillers

Eyebrow lifting

Can be done combining diff modalities like MNRF, botox, dermal fillers and threads

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting for Correction of photodamaged skin, Hand rejuvenation & feet rejuvenation, Tear trough correction, Acne scars, face rejuvenation & neck rejuvenation and Facial volumization with use of with PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) or PRF ( Platelet Rich Fibrin ) or Regenera ( regenera activa )

Signature Medi-Facials

SIGNATURE MEDI-FACIALS by JM that Rejuvenates the dead, dull and dehydrated skin in deep with vitamins for a fresh glow, effective to Reduces rosacea, acne, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. Fades stretch marks, freckles, blotchy skin.

Skin Quality Boosting

Our expertise offerings are designed for skin quality boosting of Face, Lips, Neck, Hands and Foot. Improves dark and dry lips, saggy neck, dry rough hands, feet, pigmented neck with no downtime procedures for smooth radiant skin.

Hair Rejuvenation

Our Signature Hair Rejuvenation therapy with QR678 Neo, for post covid hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Female pattern hair loss, sudden severe hair loss due to various causes, Dry dull ,lusterless hair, Fight adverse effects of salon treatments like colouring , smoothening, For improving hair density, hair thickness and volume.

Exosome therapy

Exosomes are the result of the latest scientific research in the field of regenerative medicine. They deliver bioactive molecules and signals to cells, repairing and regenerating tissues from within with minimal downtime. Exome Peel, Exosome Facial, Exosome Microneedling are for skin and Hair rejuvenation.