EXCIMER Monochromatic UVB Therapy

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Xe CL Excimer - monochromatic UVB Therapy for Vitiligo.
Treatment with Xe CL Excimer for vitiligo may be more effective in obtaining rapid repigmentation than phototherapy with Xe CL Excimer resulting in good repigmentation of affected areas.
Monochromatic UVB therapy of dermatologic auto-immune diseases, including Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Hypo-pigmentation, Alopecia areata, Mycosis fungoids and Lichen planus
The UVB light penetrates the skin and modulates its immune system and stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin. This type of laser is specially designed to produce ultraviolet light at a very specific wavelength (308nm). It’s ideal to focus on specific areas of the body thanks to its handheld head piece that can be moved around easily to focus on small spots.


Phototherapy is the clinical approach to treating various skin conditions with the use of ultra violet light . It is an excellent skin care treatment for patients with chronic, stubborn conditions such as psoriasis, vitililigo and eczema. Over 25 years of experience in phototherapy have proven that it is an extremely effective and safe treatment modality and many patients obtain extended remission from their skin disease.

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