Hair transplantation is now the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery. Recent advances had made it simpler, with minimal side effects and results are far more consistent. It is based on the principle of donor dominance., that is hair from the back portion of scalp(occipital area) are stable compared to the frontal area , so hair follicles are harvested from the back portion and transplanted to the frontal portion. There are two techniques which can be used for harvesting the grafts , which technique is best for each patient depends on the extent of hair loss.

best hair transplantation surgery using FUT, FUE, PRP, PRFat lisa hair clinic, calicut, kerala

Hair restoration process consists of two techniques

FUT Technique : In fut a linear strip of width 1 cm is taken from the back , which is the safe doner area and is dissected under microscope of magnification 10-20 times , each graft is divided in to single , double, triple depending on the follicle grouping by expert technician and doctors .
FUT is considered as the GOLD STANDARD in hair restoration because of higher graft yield per session. Up to 4000 grafts can be obtained in a single session , which provides a high density coverage in advanced grade baldness.
Graft survival rate is higher than FUE because of higher magnification under video assisted
Microscope. Graft survival rate of almost 99% compared to FUE. Scar is almost invisible due to trichophytic closure where hair grows from the suture line, and also when the hair grows back. There is no need to trim the entire donor area as in fue for fut.

FUE Techniques : small punches are used to harvest individual grafts from the donor area. Compared to fut recovery periods for fue is less. Also maximum grafts harvested in single session is less compared to fut , maximum of 1500 follicles in a single session. Donor area need to be fully trimmed . Ideal for smaller cases and young individual who trims hair very short. Graft damage rate is higher compared to FUT . Multiple sessions required for advanced baldness. Growth rate is slightly lower compared to FUT.

Combination Techniques

Combination technique includes FUT + FUE+ PRP . This technique is used when the baldness is grade 4 or higher where maximum coverage is required, which is difficult to obtain from a single technique. In addition to scalp hair , beard hair and body hair can also be used for transplantation in case of advanced baldness.

  • Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss (Androgenetic alopecia ) which does not respond to medical therapies.
  • Advanced cases with less number of viable hair follicles.
  • Certain cases of scarring alopecia like traumatic scar , burn scar.

At Lisa we perform both FUT and FUE depending on the patient requirements. All procedures are being done in well equipped theatre setup to provide better patient comfort and safety , and performed by well trained doctors and technicians using latest technology.
Hair transplantation surgery should be combained with proper medical treatment for hairloss for best results. If the patient has active hair loss , he / she will be evaluated and any specific reason for hair loss will be addressed and then only suitable candidates will be selected. Proper follow up is also required after surgery.

best hair transplantation surgery using FUT, FUE, PRP, PRFat lisa hair clinic, calicut, kerala

Hair Transplantation Surgery at Lisa Hair Clinic. Bringing expertise of Scalp mesotherapy with stem cells for hair growth, hair thickening & inhibition of hair loss by boosting the regeneration processes with Regenera Activa by RIGENERA

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