We provide the most advanced options for the treatment of hair loss, with a holistic approach. There is no one stop solution, or quick fix treatment for hair loss. It’s always a multimodal approach ,starting with a proper evaluation , as hair loss can be due to genetic and epigenetic factors.genetic hair loss , typically seen in your 40’s is now seen much earlier , even in your teens and twenty’s due to several other factors which are controllable . So the first step is always a detailed evaluation , by various modalities like clinical examination, lab tests, trichoscopy or hair scan , Which helps in detailed examination of hair roots and scalp. In doubt ful cases scalp biopsy may be required to arrive at a diagnosis .proper identification and correction of the different factors which results in hair loss is the first and foremost step in our hair loss treatment programme, which consists of different modalities like cyclical nutritional programme, medical treatment, PRP and PRF treatment, mesotherapy, Low level laser therapy, and hair transplantation .

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We provide a well planned , comprehensive low dose cyclical nutritional programme which can minimise the use of other medications for hair loss . So irrespective of the reason for hair loss, this helps to ensure hair regrowth, at the same time improving the strength of existing hair and general health of the person . Different combinations are available for different clinical conditions like poly cystic ovarian syndrome ( pcos), thyroid disorders, post menopausal women , for pregnancy , lactation, for kids etc. Now specific kits with anti inflammatory action, providing enhancement in general immunity are also available . When combined with other treatments like PRP , PRF or Hair transplantation , results of the treatments will be enhanced .

Advantages of cyclical therapy

Cyclical nutrition therapy utilises different nutrient combinations on different days of the week . This is to ensure that nutrients do not interact with each other and reduce their efficacy at the same time complement each other enhancing their activity . Nutrients approved to be used seven days a week are safely included two times a week with a three days break between two doses. The three days break ensures complete utilization and consumption of the nutrients before the next dose . So there is no possibility of overdose or side effects even in the long run. So cyclical therapy reduces dosage, improves efficiency and allows inclusion of more number of essential nutrients providing overall wellness , good health and hair growth .

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