The use of Regenerative Therapy has been reported to improve hair regrowth in several therapeutic modalities, including reversing the pathological mechanisms that influence hair loss, accelerating regeneration of hair follicles, or creating hair using the tissue-engineering approach. Regenerative Therapy procedures offer a quicker result by incorporating an autologous source for hair regrowth as a non-surgical remedy to regrow hair follicles that result in healthy hair growth.

Regenera Activa by RIGENERA at LIsa Hair Clinic

Rigenera is a tool designed specifically for clinical application of Regenerative procedures using autologous cells obtained from the patient's own body. During the course of treatment patients are applied with stem cells harvested from the patients themselves, The procedure is very simple and it is done in the clinic by a certified dermatologist. Patients immediately can return to their daily activities. One step ahead in regenerative medicine at Lisa Hair Clinic - Discover the most novel and simple way to do regenerative medicine through autologous therapy.

Primarily used for the treatment and prevention of hair loss esp Androgenetic Alopecia ( regenerate your hair cells with your own skin cells) in both men and women. Combined Modality along with PRP [Platelet Rich Plasma], PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin ) hair transplant or implant procedures if needed, also has very minimal downtime with fast healing, minimizing complications and obtains more effective results in a short time. It has a wide variety of other applications including skin rejuvenation, treatment of scars and stretch marks reduction.

Regenera Activa therapy is purely natural , without any harmful effects, using our own cells. They improve the skin of the scalp, density and quality of the existing hair and stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. It helps hair to return to its own cycle, preventing hair loss.

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Regenera Activa [FDA & CE APPROVED] Advantages
  • Pause Hairloss
  • Capillary Regenerative therapy
  • Simple and effective solution for androgenetic alopecia
  • Lunch time procedure
  • Short treatment time
  • Single session, compared to multiple sessions required for PRP
  • Visible results seen earlier, sometimes as early as one month
  • Standardized procedure with specific criteria for patient selection
  • Lasting results for upto 2 yrs
  • No chemicals used, completely autologous
  • Done using autologous micrografts (obtained from the same patient)
  • No downtime
  • More than 1,50000 happy patients world wide

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